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Meeting with building regulations and there standards is extremely important and when choosing the design this should be a serious consideration for any homeowner. When selling a property this maybe something that could be requested in the conveyancing process and if not supplied then could slow down or even prevent the property selling process. There are a number of cheaper options available to consumers and you should leave this to the experts, to ensure that you meet with the standards. Our optional LABC certification gives you peace of mind that you have invested wisely.

Many conservatories are now reaching the end of their natural life or are costing substantially more to heat than previously. Homeowners are looking for a cost effective way of retaining existing floor space whilst improving the energy efficiency of the structure. To meet this need homeowners are choosing to replace obsolete translucent roofs with solid ones. This guidance has been produced to advise and inform suppliers, builders, architects and design consultants on the Building Regulations that will apply to the replacement of a translucent roof to a conservatory or porch with a solid roof. The preferred option for many homeowners is a lightweight composite solid roof. Some roofs have a LABC Registered Detail that provides an approved design, quality control and accredited installation. Other options may simply underdraw or overclad existing polycarbonate roofs. Or replace the existing roof with a traditional tiled roof that may not have taken into account the adequacy of the existing structure to carry increased loading.

When supplying this certification, we supply it with our partner company.

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