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Additional Products and Services

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We have everything you need below to help you find out how to make the most of your living space

Some important information and background to the provision of these services is that the replacement of an existing roof does not require any form of building control regulations, change of use or planning consent as long the structure does not exceed 30 sq. metres. However this may be subject to variance.

What this provides both the client and ourselves is piece of mind that no building control regulations have been contravened when we fit a replacement tiled roof to an existing conservatory roof. Further it will not impede or slow delivery and construction to any degree by being subject to any delays or external interference or add significant costs (current costs for building control certification is £750.00.

There are other conditions that can cause issues with building control typically these where a client has already removed internal access doors from their property into the conservatory they will need to ensure that their local authority building controls office are aware and/or sign an installation agreement that they will replace the doors after installation and final decorating works have been completed – for example.

The other issue that can affect building controls is where the house heating system has been extended into the conservatory area this again is something that the client must provide a written agreement during installation that they will remove the heating during installation and undertake to inform their local Building Control officer about adding this to their conservatory.


Fully BBA certified and LABC registered Multi-Foil insulation:

Independently tested and fully accredited test laboratories to the latest British and European standards. Reflective multi-foil insulation awarded a prestigious BBA Certificate of Agreement, and our roof with secondary insulation were the first to be recognised by LABC and given Registered Detail status.

Used in numerous new build houses with the approval of NHBC, in loft and barn conversions, or simply when upgrading the performance of existing structures. Look at our portfolio for examples. We provide unrivalled support to our customers. Advice on installation, U-value or condensation risk calculations; CAD drawings or someone to talk to Building Control are all only a phone call away through to our Customer Services Team.


When first approaching a conservatory probably the most important observations we take are to examine the material condition and fabric of the structure noting, the type – is it Wood?, UPVC?, Brick? – and its general overall condition.

Here you will find everything you need to know about our offers, products and services.

We’ve even thrown a few All Seasons Roof Tips in to help you


At All Seasons Roof we sell fully tiled and insulated conservatory roof conversions with a choice of ceiling finishes either plaster finish, or tongue and groove UPVC cladding. In addition to the tiled and insulated roofs we also supply just an internal insulation product again with a choice of ceiling finish.


The time needed to install a typical 5 mtr x 3 mtr conservatory with a plaster finish roof is three days, with a shiplap clad ceiling that is reduced to two days. The insulated only roof solutions take typically one day to complete (subject to size).


As well as selling the insulated roof products we also supply a range of Chaumont (fire clay) electric heaters which are extremely efficient and cost effective in terms of their running costs and purchase price, In addition to heating there are further add-on products for conservatories such as lighting, additional plaster works, replacement doors and windows etc.

Energy Efficient

With a history in energy efficiency the focus of this side of the business is to provide greater access for existing owners of their conservatory’s to make better use of the investment they have already made thereby extending the period of use across all four seasons of the year.

Market Research

Research carried out on behalf the U.K. government details the actual average use of a conservatory across a 12 month cycle is limited to on average an eight week period (source: Report 6 Conservatories energy follow up survey 2011 Prepared by BRE on behalf of the Department of Energy and Climate Change) which is in reality a very poor return on a lifestyle investment.

In order to improve the use of a conservatory we’ve created eight clear steps that need to be taken and All Seasons Roof are here to help.

  • Savings of up to 90% On Conservatory Heating Bills
  • Elimination of Noise Nuisance
  • Elimination and/or Reduced Glare
  • Eradication of Sun Faded Furniture
  • Eliminate Overheating in Summer
  • Provision of a Comfortable Ambient Temperature All Year Round
  • Eliminate Condensation
  • Achieves U-value of 0.15

In our experience, to date, there are four main reasons that inhibit your ability to take advantage of your conservatory all year-round

  • It is too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter
  • It is too noisy due to environment and weather change
  • Condensation and damp due to thermal transfer
  • Furniture can be affected by UV rays
  • Glare which can create a need for blinds

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