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Heating Made Simple

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Here you will find everything you need in the Energy Efficient Heating field


Primarily our choice of heater is electric heating with a 20 mm fireclay or Chaumont clay tile to provide heat stability and retention, however there are some size limitations and we have a second string which is an oil filled option and these are available as an option but where practical please select the ASR range of heaters.

Our German made electric radiators are extremely high quality electric radiators with the longest warranty available of 30 years. Internally, the electrical elements are encased within non porous fireclay heat plates also known as Chaumont clay. When the element heats up, it transfers the heat to the fireclay and then in turn to the radiant surface of the radiator. Once the core is hot, cold air is drawn from the floor and up through the flutes to create convection heat.

These heating radiators continuously generate and conserve heat within the core of the heater. The heat retention is achieved by a series of fireclay heat plates in the centre of the radiator. Each heat plate has a coiled heating element totally buried within it, forming an integral part of the plate. Each heat plate has a typical power rating of 100 – 200 watts. When the electric heating system is switched on, the element gets hot, heating the storage plate within a matter of minutes. Once heated the heat plate will retain heat for well over 30 minutes, transferring heat to the metal casing and flutes of the Radiator.


Our heaters all have a prefix of ASR > All Seasons Roof followed by a model number. Where there is a specific name the unit name is used:

Model NumberSpecificationSize
ASR01650w615 H x 380 w x 90 Deep
ASR021300w615H x 680 w x 90 Deep
ASR032000w615H x 980 w x 90 Deep
ASR042500w615H x 1280w x 90 Deep
ASR051600w1250H x 380w x 91 Deep
ASR061200w300H x 980w x 90 Deep
ASR 11 x Zone Programmer
ASR6 x Zone Programmer
TYBOX 5101Wireless Room Thermostat
TYDOM 1Wi-Fi gatewayEnables App Control
ASP RF REMOTERoom ThermostatRF Room Thermostat

All heaters come complete with a digital thermostat control display on the side of the heater if there is going to be a restriction as to access to the side panel please state which side the controls need to be placed, let or right hand, otherwise the default will be the right hand side looking from the front. This is just the control set the actual thermostat is placed on the bottom of the heater where, through induction and circulation the coldest air in the room can be sensed.

The controls are very easy to use with easy switch on and off and also cursor controls to select days of the week, time and temperature settings (see the above screen shots for clarity).

In the event of the failed electronic control we do not replace the temperature controls by isolating the power, undoing two screw fixings the hole end panel is removable, a three pin plug is disconnected and a whole new end panel is fitted without the need for any costly repairing of the controls being required.

Alternative controls are available that use the embedded technology within the heater and these are charged separately and are limited to a two year warranty period from the manufacturer, with the exception of the manual control.


Recent tests in the UK have confirmed the low running costs. These tests have shown that not only do these German radiators heat the room to a comfortable even temperature but also keep the floor temperature within a few degrees of the ambient room temperature.

Here you will find everything you need to know about our offers, products and services.

We’ve even thrown a few All Seasons Roof Tips in to help you


At All Seasons Roof we sell fully tiled and insulated conservatory roof conversions with a choice of ceiling finishes either plaster finish, or tongue and groove UPVC cladding. In addition to the tiled and insulated roofs we also supply just an internal insulation product again with a choice of ceiling finish.


The time needed to install a typical 5 mtr x 3 mtr conservatory with a plaster finish roof is three days, with a shiplap clad ceiling that is reduced to two days. The insulated only roof solutions take typically one day to complete (subject to size).


As well as selling the insulated roof products we also supply a range of Chaumont (fire clay) electric heaters which are extremely efficient and cost effective in terms of their running costs and purchase price, In addition to heating there are further add-on products for conservatories such as lighting, additional plaster works, replacement doors and windows etc.

Energy Efficient

With a history in energy efficiency the focus of this side of the business is to provide greater access for existing owners of their conservatory’s to make better use of the investment they have already made thereby extending the period of use across all four seasons of the year.

Market Research

Research carried out on behalf the U.K. government details the actual average use of a conservatory across a 12 month cycle is limited to on average an eight week period (source: Report 6 Conservatories energy follow up survey 2011 Prepared by BRE on behalf of the Department of Energy and Climate Change) which is in reality a very poor return on a lifestyle investment.

In order to improve the use of a conservatory we’ve created eight clear steps that need to be taken and All Seasons Roof are here to help.

  • Savings of up to 90% On Conservatory Heating Bills
  • Elimination of Noise Nuisance
  • Elimination and/or Reduced Glare
  • Eradication of Sun Faded Furniture
  • Eliminate Overheating in Summer
  • Provision of a Comfortable Ambient Temperature All Year Round
  • Eliminate Condensation
  • Achieves U-value of 0.15

In our experience, to date, there are four main reasons that inhibit your ability to take advantage of your conservatory all year-round

  • It is too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter
  • It is too noisy due to environment and weather change
  • Condensation and damp due to thermal transfer
  • Furniture can be affected by UV rays
  • Glare which can create a need for blinds

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