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Tiles / Slates

Our range of coloured composite slates are made with a limestone and resin mix. Our colour range allows us to colour match existing roof achieving a beautiful result. Choosing the right slate is an important challenge that our consultants have vast experience in they will sit with you and talk you through the colour ranges available showing you in person the colours and the amazing quality of these lightweight alternatives, perfectly balanced for conservatory roofs.

For an informal discussion about your colour options and to see in first-hand the range available enquire today and we will bring with us a range of colours for you to see in the comfort of your own home.

Slate Colour Examples

Slate Features

  • Made from resin bonded, crushed virgin Dolomite limestone, it has the random texture and edges of natural slate.

  • Lightweight (from only 12 kgs/sq. metre).

  • It is easy to handle and can be fixed by either hammer and nail or nail gun.

  • Strong

  • It’s cost effective

  • It’s recyclable

  • Has an attractive finish

  • No breakage, wastage, drilling or sorting required.

  • Available in a range of attractive colours and blends.

  • A production-induced camber ensures a tight fit at the tail of the slate when fixed.

  • Excellent weathering characteristics; they will not curl, lift or delaminate, and are impermeable to water.

  • When tested to BS476 part 3, an AA fire rating is achieved for installation on boarded roofs.

  • BBA Certified.

  • Backed by a 40-year Warranty.

Slate Key Benefits

  • Looks extremely authentic.

  • Choice of colours.

  • Traditional colours (5 in total) are stocked and available within 4-5 days. (Alternative and Mix colours are subject to a 5-6 week delivery time – but this isn’t long when planning roofing/building work – and a minimum order quantity.)

  • Minimal Wastage. Breakage is negligible when handling/cutting/fixing. Natural slate may incur 5-15% breakage/shrinkage factor depending on the quality.

  • Lightweight… from only 12 kgs/sq. metre (half the weight of natural slate). Very useful for re-roofing applications where timbers may be suspect, or when designing the loading specification for a new roof.

  • Slates are marked with nailing and exposure guidelines and horizontal spacers, which helps to maintain integrity when fixing.

  • Dimensionally accurate… no need to sort for thickness before loading the roof. Natural tiles can vary in thickness, causing gaps & subsequent breakage if walked on.

  • Packs of 25 mean easier handling and quicker roof loading.

  • Product doesn’t crack or split, particularly when cutting for hips, valleys, etc.

  • Quicker to lay than natural slate. Much loved by roofers, once they have used the product, for many of the above reasons.


Elegant lines lend a modern feel to your rooftop, with all of the security, durability and aesthetic qualities you’ve come to associate with our roofing products.

The Shingle profile has been a staple of the composite tile product line, with the product’s hidden fix design proving the ideal solution to protect fixings from the weather and make Shingle as at home as vertical cladding as a pitched roof.

With composite tiles, we have taken the hidden fix feature and applied it to a profile that is a similar, larger size to the rest of our line, offering the best of both worlds. Elegant, straight angles will add a modern flavour to any rooftop while the option of any desired colour ensures the perfect match, whatever the building project.

Composite tiles are backed by our Forty Year Weatherproof guarantee and offers unbeatable security and resistance to the elements, in addition to rapid installation times.

Composite Colour Examples


A comprehensive warranty is something you should not look passed when choosing roofing works. All Seasons Roof have produced a comprehensive cover for your roof giving you complete peace of mind for years to come. 40 years on external roof covering provides a lifetime cover. Additionally our customers are supplied with workmanship warranty which remains a market leading cover for complete satisfaction.

For information on Tiles/Slates options please fill in our Contact Form

In order to improve the use of a conservatory we’ve created eight clear steps that need to be taken and All Seasons Roof are here to help.

  • Savings of up to 90% On Conservatory Heating Bills
  • Elimination of Noise Nuisance
  • Elimination and/or Reduced Glare
  • Eradication of Sun Faded Furniture
  • Eliminate Overheating in Summer
  • Provision of a Comfortable Ambient Temperature All Year Round
  • Eliminate Condensation
  • Achieves U-value of 0.15

In our experience, to date, there are four main reasons that inhibit your ability to take advantage of your conservatory all year-round

  • It is too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter
  • It is too noisy due to environment and weather change
  • Condensation and damp due to thermal transfer
  • Furniture can be affected by UV rays
  • Glare which can create a need for blinds

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