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Company FAQs

Guarantee and Accreditations

What is the BBA and what is its function?

The British Board of Agreement or BBA is the main authority that approves and certifies the manufacturers and installers that supply the construction industry. When you select a BBA approved product you can rest assured as they have undergone rugged testing for production and installation. The BBA protect consumers by ensuring that goods supplied to the construction industry are rigorously tested for strength and durability. to the providing reassure that these products have been tested and approved to high standards to ensure satisfaction.

How long can I expect the paint finish to last?

How long your window lasts will depend on maintenance and location. If you keep your frames clean they should last longer. Homes close to the sea are exposed to a lot more environmental degradation than homes situated inland or in urban areas. At All Seasons Roof we guarantee the paint finish on timber products for 10 years and the stain finish for 5.

How long can I expect my windows to last? And how long is the guarantee?

We manufacture our windows to high quality standards and they should last for many years that’s why we offer a 10 year guarantee on the window frames and 15-year guarantee on all sealed units.

Is there an extended guarantee available?

Yes, Guarantee Plus, an extended guarantee offered by All Seasons Roof will cover you when your original guarantee has expired. If you would like to extend your expired guarantee you can contact us on 0800 75 66 882 or email us at info@asrinstallations.co.uk .

How much will the All Seasons Roof Guarantee Insurance Scheme cost me?

The All Seasons roof guarantee is very reasonably priced at £42.40 for a ten year policy, that’s just £4.24 per year. It is paid in a single installment. You will receive an application in the post after you have placed an order with us. Complete it and we’ll do the rest.

What is the guarantee on your conservatories?

Conservatories made from uPVC are guaranteed for ten years, uPVC sealed units carry a fifteen year guarantee. All timber conservatories have a 10 year guarantee.

What is the guarantee on the Rooftrim products?

Our Rooftrim products all have a ten year guarantee

What is the guarantee on your flat roof?

We guarantee your All Seasons Roof flat roof for 20 years but it can be expected to last much longer – the BBA has conducted stringent testing on the system to ensure durability and longevity.

What is the guarantee on your garage doors?

We offer a two year guarantee on the garage doors.

Why are there no energy labels on my Guarantee?

All Seasons Roof products are not all energy rated. If you have any enquiries in this regard feel free to contact our Customer Service Team on 0800 75 66 882 for assistance.

I am selling can I transfer my All Seasons Roof guarantee?

For a small administration fee the new owners can transfer the All Seasons Roof guarantee onto their name.

Will your locks satisfy the requirements of my Home Contents Insurance Providers?

Most Home Contents Insurance providers offer a discount for homes that are properly secured and have key secured locks on all accessible windows and doors. Though we cannot guarantee that all insurers will approve the our locks we believe that the security systems on our windows and doors will withstand scrutiny and exceed the requirements of most.


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