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Company FAQs


What do you do with my old windows?

When we remove your windows we ensure that they are disposed of in an environmentally friendly way. Where possible we recycle the uPVC. We can do this as we are one the few manufacturers who extrude their own material.

How will I get rid of my old conservatory?

If you want us to, we are more than happy to remove your old conservatory. If you’d prefer to remove your discarded materials we are also quite happy with this arrangement.

What do you do with all the removed products?

When we remove your old produce we ensure that they are disposed of in an environmentally friendly way. Where possible we recycle the uPVC. We can do this as we are one very few manufacturers who extrude their own material.

Why and how do you remove sashboxes?

We remove a sash box when a sash window has been taken out and the void that once contained the counterweights must be filled. This must be done to provide a proper surface for the installation of the new window.

We have three options when it comes to sash box refurbishment:

  • Architrave & Liners
  • Timber stud & Plasterboard
  • Brick & Plaster

Which one we use is normally chosen on the advice of the surveyor.

Whatever the method, liquid damp proofing or a DPC membrane will be used to seal off the area between the existing brickwork and the frame that will hold your new window.

Will you take away the used guttering, fascias etc?

Before we install your new Rooftrim, we will take away the old fascias, gutters and bargeboards and dispose or recycle the materials in an environmentally friendly manner. We do not use the old materials and we never try to conceal problems as this will just lead to further problems in the future.

Do I have to hire an electrician to heat and light my conservatory?

You must speak to the sales advisor about your heating and lighting requirements. We can assist with some of the electrical adjustments in your conservatory. How much we can do will depend on your individual requirements.

Can I put my conservatory where the manhole is located?

If the manhole is in the floor area of the conservatory and at least 400 metres from the strip footing, it poses no problem. We raise and seal it. You will have no odours, as we use a double seal. You can tile or lay carpets over it. If the manhole is located in the area of the strip footing, we will move it down the line of the drain. Most drains will not pose a problem, Our surveyors are trained to understand the problems of drains, manholes and the relative difficulty of moving them so they will help you with deciding how they should be dealt with.

Can I leave the disposal of my old flooring up to you?

We will charge but we are more than happy to remove and dispose of the flooring for you.

What areas of my home will the installers need to access?

The installers will need access to every area that will be fitted with the All Seasons Roof systems. We would appreciate it if you would remove ornaments from the area. We will leave your home clean and neat when we are finished as we cover everything with cover sheets to avoid a mess. The staff of All Seasons Roof want you to enjoy your new installation from day one.

Are your installers qualified?

All of our installers have either an NVQ Level 2 qualification or have MTC training to ensure there work is to the highest standards.

Should I be home when you install the product?

Someone must be at the home whilst we’re installing. The home owner must be available on the day of completion to sign off the installation.

Will you install my upgrades all at once?

We always install what we have started in the agreed time – unless of course something unforeseen happens. If you want us to split the work we can raise separate orders otherwise all work is completed at once.

How long do you take to install?

We at All Seasons Roof take 6 to 8 weeks from the order date to completion for all products except conservatories where we expect to take between 8 and 10 weeks to complete installation.

Do your installers work for All Seasons Roof or are they outsourced?

All of the All Seasons Roof’s installers work for us so we can control the quality of their work and the service that they render.

Is the work checked by senior staff members on completion?

We like our managers to pay at least one visit to our projects and we ensure that their is a manager present at completion or even after so that we can inspect the installation for quality purposes. If you have any problems, concerns or queries at any time during the process feel free to contact the local office and we can arrange a field manager to pay you a visit.

Who do I contact if I have a problem with the installation?

Call All Seasons Roof’s central office in Norwich and they will they will assist you with information pertaining to the local office in your area.

Is there anything that I need to do to prepare my house for the installation?

We would appreciate it if you could clear a space of at least one meter around the windows and doors so that we have room to work. Blinds and curtains should be removed from windows and doors. Please also remove any breakable objects and ornaments to prevent damage. If you are unable to lift heavy objects we can assist.

How many people will be involved in the installation?

It normally takes between one and four people to complete an installation depending on the size of the installation. On an average installation we use two installers.


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