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Conservatories FAQ

In this section we attempt to answer all of your question about the design, manufacture and installation of your conservatory.

Conservatory Designs and Build Considerations

When you choose to build a conservatory there are many things that need to be considered. Most have to do with the area in which you plan to build or the shape of the conservatory. This section considers the factors that may need discussion. We have the expertise we can sort the problems out.

If we have not answered all of your questions or if you need more information, contact us today.

What materials are used to construct a solid-roof conservatory?

The roof is built on an aluminium frame. The insulated panels go onto this using a tongue and groove arrangement. This is then covered with a layer of waterproofing and a contemporary replica tile.

How many windows and glass panels can I add to my solid roof conservatory?

You can decide how much glazing you want to add to your solid roof conservatory. We can add roof windows and glass panels wherever you want them. Use Solaroof to keep the room cool. Glazing can be used to create accents or design statements in your room. We are happy to add the glazing wherever you want it.

Can I replace my glass conservatory roof with a solid one?

If you’d like to replace your glass conservatory roof with a solid roof All Seasons Roof can do it for you. Give us a call and we will send a specialist to help you with your options.

Can I add brick walls to my solid roof conservatory?

The addition of brick columns can give your conservatory a nice solid look and can help it to blend into the rest of the house. If you’d like to add brickwork feel free to get creative. We’re there to assist you with advice.

Can I upgrade my existing conservatory?

If it is cost effective to do so we can upgrade your existing conservatory, replacing the roof and the frames if necessary. If you are considering an upgrade give us a call and we will send out an expert to evaluate whether we can use your base and walls to upgrade rather than replace your conservatory. Quotes are free and carry no obligation.

It may be that you just want to change the roof of your conservatory. We can do this for you by replacing your less efficient glazing with our thermally efficient Solaroof that will increase the comfort levels in your conservatory, no matter what the outside temperatures. You can also choose to change your roof to Solarguard, a polycarbonate solution or opt for a solid roof for a whole new look.

Can I move my conservatory?

It is possible to take a conservatory apart and re-install it at another location, but we caution against this as the conservatory will no longer be covered by a guarantee and it may lose its structural integrity.

Can you build conservatories without dwarf walls or walls?

Most conservatories have dwarf walls. They run below the windows and they serve a practical purpose offering a space to place power points and radiators, which are best attached to brickwork.

If for aesthetic reasons you would prefer to exclude the dwarf walls we can oblige. We do offer full length wall panels, that will allow you to take full advantage of available light or beautiful garden settings.

How deep do conservatory footings/foundations need to be?

It is important the the footings and foundations reach a depth where the ground can bear the weight of the structure. Typically this would be somewhere between 650mm and 1000mm down. Adequate depth will be determined by the condition of the ground and the proximity of trees. The location and depth of drains is also an important consideration. Contact us and we will send an expert to survey your land and give you an obligation free quotation. No charge.

How strong are conservatory roofs?

All of our roofs whether they are made from glass or polycarbonate and including our solid conservatory roofs have been weather tested under extreme conditions. They can withstand anything that the weather can throw at them from extreme temperatures, to howling winds and can hold as much as four foot of snow. Our roofs are tested to meet the exacting standards of the BS6399 regulation.

When we contract to build your conservatory, we check the extreme weather conditions that are most likely to occur in your geographic location. Then we design your conservatory with those conditions in mind ensuring that it can withstand any of the weather conditions that it may have to face.

Can you build conservatories without footings/foundations?

In theory you can, but it is not a good idea. Only with a strong foundation can we ensure that you All Seasons Roof conservatory will stand the test of time.

How long do conservatories last?

Properly looked after you can expect your conservatory to last for many decades. This is why we guarantee our uPVC conservatories, wooden conservatories for ten years. The uPVC sealed units carry a fifteen year guarantee.

Can you build a conservatory with a single solid wall?

We can design a conservatory with a single or even two full brick walls. All you have to do is discuss this with our expert designer when he comes to your home to give you a free and no-obligation quotation for the design, manufacture and installation of your conservatory. We’ll even try to match the bricks with those in your home. Book an expert consultation at 0800 75 66 882 or fill in our contact form.

Can you build a conservatory on a slope?

Many of our conservatories have been built on a slope. We level the base above the foundations and then we build steps up the slope for easy access.

Can you build conservatories over a drain?

You can build a conservatory over a drain. We may have to move the manhole if it is too close to the strip footing. More often than no this is a simple job and will not present too much of a problem. If the manhole a=is at least 400 metres from the wall of your conservatory on the inside, we simply seal it up and you can tile or carpet over it. We use a strong double seal so you can rest assured that no odours will escape the manhole. Our expert surveyors will come to your home to determine exactly what needs to be done to facilitate the installation of the conservatory.

Can you plumb a bathroom into a conservatory?

You can discuss this with our consultant. We would usually recommend that a building extension is the better bet for a bathroom, as the glass walls of a conservatory may not offer you the level of privacy that is required in a bathroom. Contact us on 0800 75 66 882 to discuss this with one of our employees.

Can you build a conservatory on a balcony?

It is possible but requires careful planning and design. Our expert designers will survey your area and tell you what can be done.


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