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Welcome to the Windows FAQ & Resources Section

Let us help you with all of your window questions and find the perfect addition to your home.

Questions about Windows

We discuss a variety of questions in this section. This includes colour options, window styles and window energy ratings.

If you still have any additional questions or would like more information, speak to a member of our team today.

When and why is triple glazing best?

If you want the most thermally efficient system that won’t allow the heat to escape then triple glazing is the answer. Triple glazed windows have two outer panes that are coated with a Low E glass surface that reflects heat back into your home. The gap between the glass is filled with an inert gas called Krypton. It prevents the heat from escaping and keeps the cold outside.

Use this system on North facing windows which receive little or no sunlight making the rooms colder than the rest of the house. For the best performance our expert consultants can help you choose the optimal mix of our A or A+ rated double glazing with our A++ triple glazed windows.

Find out more about pairing double and triple glazing in your home for the optimal energy efficiency at the right price.

Aside from its excellent insulating properties triple glazing is an excellent way to deaden sound. Three layers of glass offer you the best sound exclusion system on the market.

What colours do uPVC windows come in?

We have a large selection of colours to suit your tastes and the style of your home. You choose and we’ll supply

Can I paint uPVC window frames?

It is possible, but why would you want to do that? We can supply so many colours and we don’t recommend painting the frames as it will never look as good as the original. If, however, you’re still keen to paint, we can supply you with a primer that you can paint onto. Be aware that once painted you can never return to the original look.

You also need to understand that once you paint or modify our installation your All Seasons Roof guarantee will no longer be valid, so before you make any modifications you should discuss it with us.

The All Seasons Roof system offers you a wide selection of colours to suit your every need. You can even use different colours inside and out.

How strong is triple glazing?

A triple glazed window has three panes of toughened glass so it is super tough. It has been awarded the Secured by Design specification.

How thick is triple glazing?

The uPVC triple glazed casement windows provided by All Seasons Roof are 70mm front to back. The sealed unit is 36mm back to front and it consists of three 4mm panes of glass with two 12mm spaces between the panes.

Frames and finishing of the triple glazed units are the same as the double glazed windows so there is no obvious difference in appearance.

Is it possible to match windows to my current windows?

Of course we can. All Seasons Roof has a wide selection of windows that will complement any home. Chooses from a selection of uPVC, wooden or aluminium frames or even a realistic woodgrain finish.

Does All Seasons do ‘Velux-style’ windows?

‘Velux-style’ windows do not form part of the All Seasons Roof range.

Can I get self-cleaning glass from All Season Roof?

Self Cleaning glass does not work and that is why All Seasons Roof does not include it in the range.

There is no quality standard to measure Self-cleaning glass against does not yet have a quality standard to measure it against. The coating on self cleaning glass is activated by sunlight and tonly heavy rain will wash the dirt away. Most windows have lintels, eaves or arches, and they will therefore only receive a proper wash down when there is heavy wind driven rain. Since conditions and location of windows vary, we can’t back a product that may or may not perform to customer expectations.

Our selection of tilt & turn windows make it much easier to clean windows even in hard to reach places.

Can I order unusual window designs such as round or stained glass windows from All Seasons Roof?

Yes, we do. We tailor make every UPVC window to your precise specifications. Most unusual shapes are possible, including round and arched windows. You also get to choose from a wide selection of colours and finishes when you choose windows from All Seasons Roof.

All Seasons Roof has a wide selection of beautiful patterned and stained glass which you can choose to give your windows style and glamour. We can create pictures in stained glass, reproduce existing patterns or match colours and designs to suit you. These options are available in windows and doors.

Do you make decorative windows with obscure glass?

No we do not do decorative windows with obscure glass as most types are not suitable for double glazing. As an alternative you could use a Privacy Window Film which we offer as part of our large range.

Can I purchase double glazed windows with vents from All Seasons Roof?

By law we must supply double glazed windows with vents.We do indeed. Check here for more information on the regulations.

What is the energy rating of All Seasons Roof’s windows?

We are waiting for third party approval of our claimed WER (Window Energy Rating) which appears on the products that we supply. All of our windows comply with building regulations via their Whole Window U-Value – if a window does not have a WER label, then it has not yet been submitted for approval. Notwithstanding these windows still comply through their Whole Window U-Value.

Your guarantee document will carry the WER label if the window has been energy rated. If the window complies with building regulations only through its Whole Window U-value, there will be no stocker on the guarantee. Either way, every window has a FENSA certificate of Building Regulations Compliance.

Can I purchase triple glazing in wooden or aluminium windows?

Triple glazing is only available in white and white woodgrain UPVC.

Do All Seasons Roof windows come with a guarantee?

All of our windows across the range are fully guaranteed.

All frames come with a 10-year guarantee, UPVC and aluminium windows sealed units have a fifteen year guarantee and wooden sealed units have a 10 year guarantee. Should a window give you a problem, we’ll fix it quickly and with no trouble to you.

How secure are All Seasons Roof windows?

Double and triple glazing are more secure as the extra panes of glass add strength. All opening windows come with locks that have stringently tested. Our Casement, Sliding sash and Tilt and Turn windows are accredited with Secured by Design.

Does All Seasons Roof do bay windows?

We can make you bay windows in UPVC. We also make wooden bay windows and aluminium bay windows. Give us a call and we will help you to design your bay window with the most suitable choice of materials.


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